Media and Public Talks

Dr. Hoicka in the Media

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Public Talks and Public Lectures

  • 2019

    Hoicka C. E., Keynote speaker. “Green New Deal in Canada”. President’s Lecture Series, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences and Innovative Learning at Humber College, Canada. November 6.

    Hoicka, C. E., “Is a 100% Renewable Energy Future Possible? Advances for Community Participation in a Low-Carbon Energy Transition” The York Circle, York University, Canada, September 28.

  • 2018   

    Hoicka, C. E., “Science, a Human Right”. International Science Center and Science Museum Day. Ontario Science Centre, Canada, November 10.

    Hoicka C. E., Innovation, communities and participation in a low-carbon energy transition, Low-Carbon Energy Seminar, The Energy Centre, The University of Auckland Business School, University of Auckland, New Zealand, July 19.

  • 2014

    Hoicka, C. E., “Community energy planning, teaching, research and linking theory to practice”. Seminar Series, Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability, The University of Oklahoma, USA, October 31.

    Hoicka, C. E., “Communities and Energy Management”. Energizing Discussion and Change for a Sustainable Future, Science Café, hosted by Brock University Environmental Sustainability Research Centre, St Catharines, Canada, March 29.

Invited Talks

  • 2020    

    Hoicka, C. E., “Diffusion of Multiple Demand-Side Low-Carbon Innovations in a 1.5C Energy Transition: How do we measure the diffusion of multiple low-carbon innovations and what can we learn?” Energy & Society Network seminar series, The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland (virtual), November 2.

  • 2019    

    Hoicka, C. E., “Measuring the diffusion of multiple low-carbon innovations for end-users in a 1.5 C energy transition.” Environmental governance lab, work in progress seminar, University of Toronto, Canada, November 1.

    Hoicka, C. E., Invited speaker and discussion group moderator. Community Forum a Green New Deal for Ontario. Hosted by Jessica Bell, MPP University Rosedale. Cecil Street Community Centre, Toronto, Canada, July 24.

  • 2018    

    Hoicka, C. E. “Innovation, communities and participation in a low-carbon energy transition.” CLEEN2040 Shift Energy Academy, Environmental Energy Institute, University of Windsor, Windsor, Canada, June 20.

  • 2017   

     Hoicka C. E. “Sustainable Energy Transitions: Linking Pro-environmental Behaviour to System Innovation” IASS Potsdam, Potsdam, Germany, April 11.

  • 2014    

    Hoicka, C. E. “New Course in Community Energy Planning”. Teaching Energy Efficiency Policy at the Post-Secondary Level Workshop. Sustainable Energy Initiative, hosted at Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto, Canada, July 17.

Invited Conference Presentations

  • 2019    

    Hoicka, C. E. Invited participant and speaker in “Property Rights, Digitalisation and the Energy Transition” Second Procida Symposion of the research group Property Rights, Globalisation and the Social Function of Property. Island of Procida in the Gulf of Naples, Italy, 19-23 September

    Hoicka, C. E. Session 2: “Is polarization over energy technologies a failure of public policy, regulation, industry, activism or all of the above?” DIVIDED? Polarization and Canada’s Energy Future in an Age of Climate Changeconference, University of Ottawa’s Positive Energy initiative. Ottawa, Canada, October 7.

    Hoicka, C. E., “How can we accelerate the diffusion of low-carbon innovations for a 1.5C mitigation target while managing consequential risks, solutions, governance, and equity?” Energy Modelling Initiative, Central Workshop, Ottawa, September 12.

  • 2016    

    Hoicka, C. E,. “Research on Innovation at the Intersection of Energy and Communities & Finding the Women Scholars in Energy Research.” Everything Under the Sun: York’s Engagement in Vital Environment and Climate Change Issues Symposium, York University, Toronto, November 17.

  • 2015    

    Hoicka, C .E., “Unlocking the Ivory Tower: Putting Research into Practice”. Invited Workshop Speaker, Federation of Canadian Municipalities Sustainable Communities Conference, London, Canada, February 11.

  • 2014    

    Hoicka, C. E. Panel member. “Moving forward with regional planning and siting”. Energy Conference 2014: Ontario’s Evolving Energy System. Ontario Energy Association. Toronto, Canada, October 8.

    Hoicka, C. E., “Socio-technical research and sustainable energy”, Engineering Research That Matters Celebration, York University, Toronto, Canada, February 28.